It’s Spring and that means CSA!

I received my first box of the year from Harmony Valley Farms last week. It’s always something I look forward to but also feel some trepidation. It can feel like a lot of pressure to use everything up before it goes bad. I’ve gotten a little better at it every year and I anticipate this will be the best year so far!

So what was in the box? More than you would think this time of year in Minnesota:

DSCN2475 by you.

Asparagus / Ramps / Chives / Parsnips / Arugula / Spinach / Spring Greens / Black Radish / Sunchokes / Sorrel / Dogwood branches (for decorating)

I also receive the cheese share. The month’s box contained:

Castle Rock Organic Dairy’s Mild Cheddar
Cedar Grove’s Organic Mozzarella
Castle Rock’s Organic Blue Cheese

So far I’ve hit the ground running. I did give myself a head start by leaving the parsnips at the pick-up point for someone else. I’ve decided I have to accept the fact that I can’t like everything.

DSCN2477 by you.

Here’s what I’ve made so far:

  • Pan-fried asparargus in bacon fat
  • Creamy ramp and sausage pasta
  • Arugula and spinach cooked in cream
  • Greek-Inspired sorrel rice soup
  • Fried rice with ramps and homemade char siu
  • Almond crusted chicken & tortilla strips on spring greens with buttermilk blue cheese dressing

sausageOver the weekend I made 5 pounds of spicy garlic sausage from Michael Ruhlman’s new cookbook “Ratios”. It was great in the pasta recipe. No, I didn’t put 5 pounds of sausage in this recipe. I froze the rest. I also ground 3 pounds of plain pork and made 2 pounds of char siu, which I used in the fried rice.

I feel like I’ve made a good dent with about 10 days to go until the next box. One of the next things on my list is a Uzbekan beef stew with black radishes.

This season I’m going to try to keep a diary of how I use my vegetables and fruits so I can keep track of how I’m doing. When I can, I will link to the recipes I’ve used. Stay tuned . . .

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