R.I.P. Sunrise Donuts

I drove by the Great Bear Center on Lyndale in Bloomington last Friday and Sunrise Donuts was gone!  They made the best cruellers I’ve ever had.  My preference was for the ones with pink frosting.  Frosting always tastes the best when it’s pink!  When you bit into one the inside was soft and almost custardy, like the best popover you’ve ever had.  Part of me is in denial and hoping they’re reopening in a new location, but in my heart I know that isn’t going to happen.

Update: They may actually be relocating to a new location on Lyndale. I will keep you posted!

10 responses to “R.I.P. Sunrise Donuts”

  1. […] ah-ha! Cooking with Gas and Glass, a farewell to Bloomington’s Sunrise Donuts (9010 Lyndale Ave S, Bloomington, MN, 55420), a well-regarded local purveyor of breakfast pastries. […]

  2. They should re-open in the same strip mall, but all I see is plans on a table and a bunch of old equipment in their new space in the center court of the strip mall.

    When will construction and re-opening begin. They have worked very hard and deserve a vacation, but we miss them.

  3. I was also very saddened by the closing of Sunrise Donuts. Where else am I supposed to get the same 1970’s feeling and awesome faded grease-splattered poster of Santa eating donuts? If anyone knows of another place like this, please post! I will drive across town for that experience again.

  4. The Great Bear Center has installed a new sign for Sunrise Donuts. They are returning!!

  5. They will be tomorrow! Wednesday May 12th!!
    Best donuts in town!!

  6. My husband’s mother runs Sunrise Donuts and it is back in business as of today!! It’s in the same strip mall just down a few spots. ENJOY! 🙂

  7. Well Cretia, your hopes and dreams have been answered, as of yesterday Sunrise Donuts has finally reopened its doors only a few steps away from the old location. It is now located at 9032 Lyndale ave, Great Bear Center, Bloomington, Mn.

  8. No one is mentioning their apple fritters, so I have to. I’m kinda afraid of introducing my friends to Sunrise’s fritters because it will ruin all other apple fritters for them.

    1. Hey I didn’t mention the apple fritters because I was keeping them my secret : ) You’re right. Their apple fritters are also divine.

  9. I love their donuts. The best in the cities. So glad that they are open again!

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