FrozBroz Craft Ice Cream

I’m excited to share the news that I won the FrozBroz Craft Ice Cream Flavor Contest. Erik and Ben will make a flavor of my choosing.

The ice creamsmiths hard at work

But when it came down to choosing, I wanted them to also feel inspired by the flavor, so I gave them a list of five flavors:

  • Szechuan pepper orange
  • Berry rosemary
  • Coconut habanero
  • Cinnamon chevre
  • Apricot Parmesan

Charred marshmallow was originally on the list, but I’ve been feeling inspired by Christina Tosi lately and decided to keep that challenge for myself. But that’s for another post.

They didn’t keep me in suspense for too long, which was just a little disappointing, because they had promised to videotape any brawling that occurred if they disagreed. And their choice was:

Apricot Parmesan

In an informal poll amongst some friends this was also the top choice; Szechuan pepper orange was second.

The guys at FrozBroz are also in the midst of a fundraising campaign to make their ice cream available to the general public. An extremely worthy cause if I do say so myself, and a time when you can REALLY put your money where your mouth is. The campaign ends May 11, 2012, so head on over to their site to watch their video and check out their other 100+ flavors.

One response to “FrozBroz Craft Ice Cream”

  1. Very cool. Can’t wait to taste it!

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