Best thing I ate this weekend

The chorizo verde from the fresh meat counter at El Burrito Mercado is an unusual and dare I say off-putting shade of green. You’ll need to buy some for yourself to know what I’m talking about. But don’t let the color deter you. It’s fabulous. This fresh chorizo is made with tomatillos and cilantro, giving it a bright and tangy flavor.

The chapatis I made on Friday night were renamed flour tortillas and re-purposed for quesadillas on Saturday night. I layered browned chorizo (the color improves upon frying), queso fresca and ancho-chili cheddar for some awesome quesadillas. Extra chorizo was stirred into leftover channa masala (instead of refried beans).

The flavors of Indian and Mexican food play extremely well together and this is a combination definitely worth exploring.

One response to “Best thing I ate this weekend”

  1. We’ll give it a try. I’ve been making my own “red” chorizo and it can’t be beat! This weekend had parents in town so we ate well: Patisserie 46, Heartland and Corner Table! So much for the New Year’s diet!

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