Mojo Monkey Donuts

Mojo monkry2

Mojo Monkey Donuts
1169 7th Street West
Saint Paul, MN 55102

It’s well documented on this blog that my favorite donuts are the pink-frosted cruellers at Sunrise Donuts in Bloomington. But I have been know to stray and I was led into temptation on Friday morning

Mojo monkey

We were in the neighborhood, and a friend guided us to Mojo Monkey donuts in St. Paul. The name reminds me of Mojo JoJo, the monkey on PowerPuff Girls, but that’s another story. I only had my iPod with, so I don’t have great photos. But we did have great donuts.

Mojo monkey2

It was difficult to make a choice, and they don’t have all varieties available all the same time, but we finally settled on a German chocolate cake, mocha mousse bismark with dark chocolate glaze, maple bacon bar, and and a vanilla custard filled bismark with dark chocolate glaze.

The cake donut was moist, yet still crispy on the outside. The maple bacon bar was luscious, scoring points in the one area where maple bacon bars usually fall short: The bacon was incredible; thick-cut, salty and very flavorable. A great foil for the maple glaze. The vanilla custard donut was luscious as well, filled with a delicious pastry cream. We haven’t tried the mocha mousse bismark yet, but it’s taunting me from the box.

I met Lisa, one of the lucky donut makers. She was very friendly and it sounded like she really loves her job and says she’s not tired of donuts yet.

I’m glad we tried it on a slow Friday morning. It looks like they could use some bigger donut cases, and I’ve heard the shop can be overwhelmed on weekends. I’m kind of puzzled by the complaining I read that they can run out of donuts mid-morning when they’re really busy. That’s what happens at good donut shops. I’ve learned that if I get to Sunrise past 8 am, I’m not guaranteed a crueller that day. Them’s the breaks!

But hopefully these are just growing pains, and I hope they’re around for a long time, because I don’t get over to St. Paul a lot and I still need to try a vanilla cream filled bismark with banana and chai donut holes and an apple fritter and a cake donut with mango glaze and coconut and . . .

P.S. It’s 4 pm and my husband just got home and had his mocha mousse donut. He made num-num noises while he inhaled it and didn’t offer me a bite, so I assume it was really good.

5 responses to “Mojo Monkey Donuts”

  1. OMG!!!! Talk about a holiday gift! Thanks for letting me know about this- donuts with bacon from a place with Monkey in the name- PERFECTION!

    1. And I may be wrong, but it certainly tastes like they fry their donuts the right way . . . in lard!

  2. Mojo Monkey Donuts are the best. They are not, however in West Saint Paul, but in Saint Paul proper, on West Seventh Street. I just don’t want anyone to get lost on their way to the best donuts in the Twin Cities.

    1. I have been known to be directionally challenged. Thank you for the correction.

  3. We went on a Twin Cities wide donut tour and Granny Donuts were the best. Great dough and glaze. The donuts were top quality and the best price.

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