Rebooted: Wally’s Roast Beef, Bloomington

Wally’s Roast Beef
Southtown Office Park
8120 Penn Ave S.
Bloomington, MN 55431

After being in the same location since 1969, Wally’s lost their lease to the expanding hardware store next door. I wonder if the the hardware store will miss the hoards of customers coming to Wally’s at lunchtime. I have been worried that the new location would try to change, feel too new and spiffy, change the food, and feel nothing like Wally’s. Or that people would not support the new location.

Well, today was the first day of business at Wally’s new location, and it seems that the hoards have faithfully followed. Owner Jeff Sagal is almost always on the premises and runs a tight ship, while still managing to make customers feel valued and welcome.

The new location is almost an exact replica of the old. Although the space is gleaming and new it still feels comfortingly familiar. The same homey touches are there: the menu board, forest green vinyl chairs, ordering counter complete with microphones, and a lunch counter along the front window. Although I’m sure the kitchen staff is thrilled with their new spacious digs and don’t miss their former closet-sized kitchen.

In celebration of the new digs, I decided to order something I hadn’t had before. Usually I can’t pass up a rare roast beef sandwich with au jus, and crispy potatoes cakes or onions rings. To celebrate I changed it up to a red plate special, which is a hot meatloaf sandwich with mashed potatoes and gravy, and corn. Everything still tasted wonderful and homemade . . . in short comforting. Nope, I shouldn’t have worried at all. Wally’s will be just fine.

5 responses to “Rebooted: Wally’s Roast Beef, Bloomington”

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  2. Wow! That’s too bad they lost their lease but I’m glad to hear they found a new home. I only made it to Wally’s once before we moved to Oregon last summer but it was FANTASTIC. If we were still in MN I’d be there a lot more as their new location is super close to my old job. Wishing them continued success.

  3. Well I for sure anytime and everytime I drive up to Minneapolis from Oklahoma that is one stop I always make time for…No one makes roast beef the Wally’s….Keep up the good job love the atmosphere…

  4. I have always been a big fan of wally’s roast beef, but there is a new roast beef joint that has opened up recently near the old wally’s location. It’s called Penn lake roast beef. I tried it out the other day, and surprisingly the sides were much tastier than the ones at wally’s and the roast beef sandwich is very similar to wally’s but the prices were cheaper! If you like wally’s, I definitely recommend checking out this new place!

  5. I was a long time customer of wally’s and I moved to Texas. I was up there a few months ago and it seemed like the new location was great. The roast was great and if you haven’t been to Wallys, Go and try it out, you will love it, The food is excellent. I miss it alot. Maybe they could open up a location in Austin, TX?

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