Braised/Glazed Radishes & Turnips

I’ve been feeling in a bit of a cooking slump lately. I haven’t started the CSA season with the creative energy I felt last year. Maybe the epic failure of a pea vine pesto has something to do with feeling this way. But I got back up on the horse tonight and tried something new: Cooked radishes. I mixed them with turnips and served them with leftover smoked pork. The combination was delicious. Yippee-ki-yay.

Braised/Glazed Radishes & Turnips

2 Tbsp. butter
1 lb. radishes and/or turnips, cut into chunks
1 green garlic stalk or garlic clove, finely minced
3/4 cup chicken stock

Melt butter in a non-stick skillet. Add vegetables and chicken stock. Bring to a simmer and cover. Simmer for about 15 minutes, until vegetables are tender. Add more liquid as necessary.

When vegetables are tender, remove the cover and increase the heat to reduce the remaining liquid in the pan to the butter, gently tossing the radishes and turnips to coat.

Add salt and pepper to taste.

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