Mistreated Coconut and Frisky Toes?

A friend was at Rustica Bakery over the weekend and asked the server what was in their ANZAC cookies. One of the ingredients the server named was “desecrated coconut.” Oh. None for me thanks.

Asking the same server if the éclairs were filled with crème patisserie, she replied “I don’t know. Some kind of cream.” Sounds like some basic training might be in order.

While at the health club a couple of weeks ago I was reading the closed-captioning of a CNN interview with Eric Ripert. It took me a couple of second to figure out the translation of “fresh too mate toes.”

A co-worker once came into my office on a Monday morning to tell me about a great kitchen store he’d been in over the weekend. “They even had banjos.” He meant mandolines.

3 responses to “Mistreated Coconut and Frisky Toes?”

  1. Hi Ann

    I know one of the owners of Rustica, I’ll mention it to her….

  2. […] about the pizza at Downtown Diner (and it’s not real positive), and Rustica’s either serving cookies made with “desecrated coconut” or it needs to start training up the staff a bit. var addthis_pub = "heavytable"; var […]

  3. Ummm, yeah. The Rustica counter-people know very little about the baking of the pastries… and they know even less about the coffee. The Bull Run baristas also know very little about the pastries. Apparently they sell themselves.

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