Rack Shack BBQ

Rack Shack BBQ
2925 Cliff Road
Burnsville, MN 55337

Rack Shack Menu

My son and I  decided to check out Rack Shack BBQ in Burnvsille, which I’ve been hearing good things about.  We love BBQ and my son is a BBQ fanatic.  Our favorites are pork ribs, butt, and beef brisket (actually, if you smoke something, we’ll probably eat it); we collect sauces from all around the country.

At the Rack Shack you can eat in or take out.  I liked their stainless steel topped dining tables.  We decided to try the ribs, brisket sandwich, macaroni & cheese, corn bake and cornbread.  They also smoke  pork butts, chicken and turkey. There are about eight sauces to choose from.  We picked Houston Hot, Carolina Vinegar, and the Kansas City. They had some other mustard- and ketchup-based sauces, but we wanted to try the spicy ones.

We enjoyed the ribs, but the brisket was so magnificent that it really overshadowed the ribs.  The brisket was amazingly moist, juicy, fatty and nicely charred and crusty on the outside.  Fatty meat is good for barbecue because it keeps the meat from drying out, which brisket can be prone to.  I hope their brisket is always this good.

The Houston Hot sauce, while not as hot as promised, has some burn and nice smoky chipotle undertones.  This was my son’s favorite sauce.  My favorite was the Carolina Vinegar sauce.  It is tangy and slightly sweet, without the harshness of other vinegar-based sauces I’ve tried (Ben’s favorite vinegar-based sauce remains Bandana’s from Boone, NC).  The Rack Shack Carolina Vinegar makes a great dipping sauce for the sandwiches.  The sandwich buns are from Saint Agnes Baking in St. Paul.  They’re really good buns: soft and chewy, but with some substance to them; in other words, good dipping buns.

Their macaroni and cheese is the real deal, made with real cheese, not a processed cheese sauce.  It tastes like good Southern mac and cheese.  But the portion is too small and could be doubled.  So if you love macaroni and cheese, choose it for both of your side choices.  And mix some Houston Hot sauce into it.   Delicious!

I should have returned the corn bake, which I thought would be a spoonbread-like dish, but appeared to not have been baked long enough. 

Their cornbread is also good; crumbly yet  slightly sweet, the way Northerners seem to like it best.  It’s more like homemade cornbread than the super-sweet cakelike cornbread places up here usually serve.  We wished they served butter with it.

So despite some growing pains, I think they’re off to a good start and we will definitely be going back.

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