Change for Sawa Japan in Bloomington?

That didn’t take long. Around August 2009, Atlantic Buffet (494 & Penn Ave.) became Sawa Japan. Sawa’s grand opening special coupon is still on their home page.

But Sawa Japan now seems to be Osaka Sushi and Hibachi, possibly related to the Osaka Sushi in Eden Prairie, also on 494. No news about the change posted on either restaurant’s Web site.

I’d never been to Sawa, but from what I’d read, it didn’t seem to be a good fit for the area. Only time will tell for the new incarnation, although the concept looks virtually the same.

One response to “Change for Sawa Japan in Bloomington?”

  1. Steer clear! I never understood an extremely negative restaurant experience until visiting the new “Osaka Sushi and Hibachi”. I had visited Sawa Japan two times previously for hibachi and was very pleased and happy to finally find a really good hibachi restaurant. Went back for a third time and the experience was totally different. Host was rude and argumentative and food and “show” were very much a disappointment. I will not be back, that is for sure, and I will continue my search for a good hibachi restaurant.

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