Crapola: Official Granola of the MN Blindfolded Trapshooters League

Local granola makes good: Crapola Cranberry-Apple Granola, made with love in Ely, Minnesota. I haven’t tried it yet but their Web site makes me laugh . . . and come on . . . with a name like that it has to be delicious. My husband’s boss loves it and eats it every morning for breakfast. I love granola so I’ve placed my order and I can’t wait to try it.

It’s toasty, slightly sweet, full of cranberries and apples, and really delicious.

2 responses to “Crapola: Official Granola of the MN Blindfolded Trapshooters League”

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  2. This is by far my favorite granola! It is light and pleasantly crunchy with plenty of soft fruit. It even got me enjoying yogurt again (I am not a fan). I was skeptical at first–thinking that the silly name was a gimmick to get people to purchase this granola as a gag gift. Gimmick or no, Crapola is not crappy!

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