Traditional Foods Minnesota Lefse Event

I received the following e-mail from Traditional Foods Minnesota.  Please visit their site for membership information.

I love lefse, but I’ve never made it or had it fresh off the griddle.  If this lefse is half as amazing as it sounds, it will be very good indeed!:

Date: Mon, Dec 7, 2009 at 5:19 PM
Subject: NEW EVENT AT TFMN: Making Lefse

Homemade Lefse
Hot off the Griddle!!!
Calling all Scandinavians and people who accept Scandinavians just because of their lefse:

There will be homemade lefse at the Warehouse on Dec. 19th. You can purchase it by the piece hot off the griddle (yummmmmm!!!!!), or in frozen pre-made packages of 12 pieces for $18 (must be pre-ordered).

I have been supplying a number of extremely serious lefse eaters for many years and they all say this is the best lefse they’ve ever had.even better than Grandma’s.

My lefse is very, very tender and buttery – a true delicacy. I make it, lovingly, from organic potatoes, pasture butter, cream from my own cows, Himalayan sea salt, and just barely enough flour to hold it all together. This lefse freezes perfectly (no one can ever tell) and it can be frozen and thawed repeatedly, should such a strange need arise.

For anyone who’s had store bought lefse, that is NOT lefse. It is a strange chemical concoction made to resemble lefse in appearance only, and it tastes like a badly textured strange chemical concoction. Please do not judge lefse by this! Just try the real thing.

To pre-order your lefse, email Sheri Miller at Orders will be taken through Dec. 16th, or until I run out of capacity, which ever comes first. Get your order in now!!

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