Please Shop Trader Joe’s Responsibly

So I’m at Trader Joe’s shopping today and I overheard a woman say to her little girl, “We’re done.  Let’s go.” 

It got me thinking.  My shopping is never really “done” at Trader Joe’s.  Rather, I have to tell myself when to stop.  Cut myself off, so to speak.  Otherwise, I could just keep circulating through the store forever. It helps to go over my lunch hour so I know I have a finite amount of time.

There are so many things to see that you can never take it all in.  I walked by the cinnamon sugar graham crackers at least twice today, without seeing them.  I started worrying they’d been discontinued (like my beloved coconut macaroons and chocolate-covered graham crackers).  And boy howdy, was the worker I asked a little testy today.  He grabbed the front of my cart and pulled me down the aisle to the graham crackers.  Well sorry!  There are only about 400 other items with their accompanying signs surrounding them.   Although maybe that’s a good thing.  No one else can find them either.  So they won’t sell out like they were sold out of their bargain-priced almond meal.

And then on top of  all my old standbys, there are all kinds of seasonal goodies for sale.  Candy Cane Joe-Joe’s (had to have a box of those), St. Andre cheese for $9.99 a pound AND Chocolate Covered Candy Cane Joe-Joe’s (I drew the line at those . . . for now)!   I swear I was so excited my heart was beating a little faster.  Although it could have been a vicarious glucose spike.

But in the end I made it out with only three bags full, which is pretty light for me.  I was almost proud of my self-control.  But, there is supposed to be snow tomorrow.  I always like to be prepared for being snowed in. 

Here’s a link to Trader Joe’s Fan, a really useful Web site for recipes, product reviews, etc.

One response to “Please Shop Trader Joe’s Responsibly”

  1. I would be testy too if I were only making 9 bucks an hour. hehe

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