Castle Rock Organic Farms Egg Nog

If you love egg nog, head over to Traditional Foods Minnesota.  They’re carrying Castle Rock Organic Farm Egg Nog.  It’s thick, creamy, slighty sweet, and bursting with the flavor of freshly ground nutmeg.  And, of course, only available for a limited time.

We’ve been enjoying Castle Rock cheeses with our CSA all season, including some of their custom cheeses using Harmony Valley Farm produce.  A particular favorite was the Garlic Scape and Pepper Cheddar.  I’ve also got a beet cheddar that I’m thinking will be good with brisket and horseradish panini. 

Castle Rock cheeses and ice creams are also available at Traditional Foods Minnesota.  I picked up some of their Molasses Chocolate Chip ice cream.  It’s a really lovely flavor.

To think, I only stopped in to buy a whole chicken.

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