There’s a little place in Apple Valley called Satay-2-Go where I can pretend I’m in a Singapore hawker center.  Everything I’ve ever had at Satay-2-Go has been wonderful, and my particular favorites are their laksa and mee goreng.  But the one thing they have that really transports me back to Singapore is their case full of buns and pastries.  

In Singapore food is everywhere.  But the one thing I loved was that you could find a pastry case in the most unlikely places, like the middle of a department store.  Imagine going to Herberger’s and munching on curry puffs  and custard buns while you shop.  Bliss! 

Unfortunately, it’s a lot harder to find freshly made Asian pastries here in Minnesota.  If you find them in Asian markets, they’re usually cellophane packaged and trucked in from another state.  Keefer Court bakery at Cedar & Riverside is good, but not convenient for me to go to. 


So to say I was ecstatic the first time I walked into Satay-2-Go and saw their bakery case is probably a bit of an understatement.  They’re made in-house and they even make the hot dog rolls, which are in just about every pastry case in Singapore. 

When confronted with the selection at Satay-2-Go it’s always so hard to choose.  Soft yeasty buns filled with bbq pork, chicken curry, kaya coconut jam, red bean paste or buttercream; puffs of crispy, flaky pastry filled with bbq pork, chicken curry, lemon custard.  I usually throw in the towel and buy a box full. 

3 responses to “Satay-2-Go”

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  2. It’s right down the street from my house – I enjoy their food for sure and need to dig into their bakery selections a bit more.

  3. I grew up in Indonesia and Satay 2 Go is the only place that comes close to my memories of my childhood food. Their pastry/bun case reminds me of Bread Talk, which I also miss greatly!

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