Grand Szechuan – Hot Pots!

After another great dinner at Grand Szechuan on Friday night, our waiter gave us a little tip. They do Szechuan hot pots Monday-Thursday at dinner time. He said the hot pots are on a separate menu that you should ask for when you’re seated. I’ll let you know when we have a change to check them out.

BTW, if you like pork belly, try the Chairman Mao’s pork belly.

2 responses to “Grand Szechuan – Hot Pots!”

  1. I too loved the lunches from Bloomington Schools. Where can I get a copy of the cookbook? Pizza burgers, taco’s and the cinamon rolls were fab.


    1. Well, my original copy was purchased in the 60s. They did an update of it a few years ago and I bought a copy from the lunch ladies at Jefferson.

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