Chase Brook Natural Meats – Last Call

I’ve enjoyed buying Chase Brook Natural Meats over the summer at the Bloomington Farmer’s Market.  Everything was excellent.  Their pork chops were amazing. 

Today I checked their Web site to see where their products would be available this winter only to find the following message: 

Last Call! What we have in stock now is all we will ever have. After a great deal of serious consideration we have decided we can not continue after the end of this season. There is plenty of meat still on hand so please consider coming out and stocking up for winter, we will be offering disounts of at least 18% on all of the items remaining in stock.

We will be at the Downtown St. Paul Farmers Market every Saturday and Sunday until the meat is gone!

I don’t know any details about what happened.  I had forgotten they had taken on some space at Midtown Global Market about a year ago.  I hope that wasn’t the straw that broke the camel’s back.  Farming is scary business in the best of times.  I can’t imagine what it must be like during hard times.

Heavy Table ran a really nice article last spring on the farm owners, Jeff and Jill Marckel. 

I feel like anything I would say about how sorry I am to see this happen will sound trite.  But I wish Jeff and Jill Marckel the best and hope to see them selling again some day at the farmer’s market.

8 responses to “Chase Brook Natural Meats – Last Call”

  1. That is very sad news. They are among the various meat vendors I support at the St. Paul market and will surely be missed.

  2. Ann- I just went to the Burnsville farmers market today and bought pork from a farm in northern mn that will ship to you. I had a bacon sandwich when i got home and died a little bit (because it was good, not because of my arteries clogging). Heard of them? They were really nice, I will be ordering:

  3. Oh no, I buy meat from them at the Kingfield market. I thought for sure when I was leaving she said see you next year 😦

  4. I am SO sad that Jeff and Jill had to close up shop, but as Jeff’s mom–and their sons’ grandma–I’m thrilled that they will be coming to Ohio.

  5. see ya! better luck in your latest adventure in o-hi-go. Good luck selling the farm. Farm auctions work well, see ya at the auction.

  6. Oh No!
    Jill we will miss you at the Maple Grove Farmer’s Market. We loved your meats – especially your pork roasts. Good luck in the next venture in your lives.

  7. Ive heard that chase was buying and resellin meats and that werent raised on the their farm, long before they went “out of business. I guess thats why they are belly up?

  8. I heard they went out of business because of a slow down in business. We all need to support the still struggling small farms to keep them going. I support farms at the St. Paul Farmers’ Market on Saturdays. To survive they stand out in the cold and sell the best meat anywhere, I’ve heard thats were the best resturants and most disciminating poeple go even in the Winter. I guess they know what their doing. I guess Chise Brooke was weeded out and thats why they failed. We’ve bought from them in the past but thier prices were way too high (from someone who knows what coop meat costs). Maybe they were too greedy and people caught on and went to another farmer.

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