Ames Farm Honey

Ames Farm raw honey is the single-malt scotch of honeys.  What makes this honey so special is that each jar is from a specific time and place.  And when I say specific, I mean specific, but I certainly can’t say it any better than they do on their Web site:

. . . a floral portrait taken by a single hive of honeybees in a specific location during a short time period.

It almost makes honey sound romantic, doesn’t it?

honey label2 by you.

honey label1 by you.

Each jar is dated and sourced.  The web site contains specific information about each beeyard and hive.  Pictured above are the labels on my jars of melon and sweet clover honeys.  Doesn’t the thought of melon honey just want to make you get the spoon out?

It’s pretty easy to find locally and, as honey goes, not too pricey.  So go ahead and treat yourself.  It’s spectacularly good honey.

One response to “Ames Farm Honey”

  1. I don’t like honey, but supposedly the Bell Museum has really good honey.

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