Grand Szechuan Update

My husband and I went to Grand Szechuan for dinner last Saturday night and I am extremely happy to report that it was hopping. It was exciting to see a lot of large groups eating.

We had tomato and fried egg soup, milky crispy shrimp, and double-cooked pork. It was all wonderful. The soup was a wonderful surprise: Rich stock with sweet Napa cabbabe, fresh tomato slices, and fried egg omlette. The textures and flavors were delicious and I have a new comfort food to add to my list.  The crispy milky shrimp were addictive. Their sweetness was a great foil for the more spicy pork belly slices of the double-cooked pork.

I’m falling in love with so many dishes here it’s going to get harder and harder to make up my mind with each visit. You can decide what you would choose from the menu.

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