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Gyropolis' Greek Salad

I drive by Gyropolis on the way home almost every night. It’s a really tasty little family-owned fast food restaurant in Bloomington.  I don’t stop as often as I’d like to, but tonight I wasn’t feeling well and gave in to temptation. Really gave in . . . big time.

I splurged and brought home The Feast:  5 freshly grilled soft pita breads, a pound of Gyros meat, tomatoes, red onions, lettuce, cucumber sauce, and 2 sides.  I chose the Greek salad and 2 of their 10″ cheese pizzas.  Their tomatoes were beautiful today.  Why can’t everyone serve beautiful tomatoes this time of year?  The other side choices were hummus, rice pilaf or seasoned fries (another personal favorite of mine).  I thought choosing the salad and the pizzas ended up making it a really versatile meal.  Everyone could make something to their taste:  A pita sandwich with all, some or none of the fixings, Greek salad topped with Gyros, pizza topped with Gyros and/or salad.  Yum.  I believe I tested all of the options.

Oh, and if you’re only feeding three people, you should have something left for lunch the next day.  Bonus!

So give in to temptation and try Gyropolis for lunch or dinner.

2 responses to “Gyropolis”

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  2. We, too, love Gyropolis. It is a wonderful alternative to fast food and is always tasty. Everyone who works there is friendly to a fault, service is quick and easy. The gyros are very tasty and the pizzas are a real treat. The cost is reasonable. Give it a try.

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