The Pie is Cast

apple plue pie whole by you.

I saw a post on the King Arthur blog a few months ago and had one of those Homer Simpson “Doh!” moments.  They were baking peach pies  in a cast iron skillet.  Such a brilliant idea!  Of course, I needed to buy a smaller cast iron skillet than the one I already had.  Fortunately, they’re not too expensive.

Pie baked in a cast iron skillet is great.  The crust gets brown and crispy and the depth of the pan is equivalent to a deep dish pie pan, so you don’t have to worry about those recipes that make too much filling.

I had Zestar apples and plums from the Bloomington Farmer’s Market.  I thought they might make a good combination for pie.   I found a recipe online.  The only change I made was to  substitute some Calvados for some of the lemon juice.

apple plum pie sliced by you.

The combination of apples and plums was taste AND pretty!

I noticed while I was writing this that King Arthur’s most recent blog posting is a recipe for an apple cake made in a cast iron skillet.  This time I’m ready.

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