Shell Game

Usually when the bags of edamame start coming in the CSA box, my heart sinks. They are such a pain to shell. But thanks to Alton Brown, I was looking forward to them this year. On an episode of Good Eats, he showed a nifty trick for shelling them. Run the pods between the rollers of a pasta machine. The beans pop out and the pods go through the rollers. Could it possibly work as well as he said it would? After all, I don’t have the magic of television working for me.

I made a little video showing how well it does work. I kept a hand over the top to keep some of the more exuberant beans in place. I set the rollers on #3. Awesome! Sounds like I should oil that pasta machine crank though. Enjoy:

3 responses to “Shell Game”

  1. Although not as versatile, edamame cooked in their shell and then sprinkled with sea salt are super yummy! If you’ve ever had them at a Japanese restaurant you know how addictive they can be. But if you’ve gone to the effort to shell them, Cooking Light has a great Edamame Dip recipe.

  2. That is a neat tip! The squeaking is very annoying though. Maybe you could mute it?

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