Grand Szechuan!

Finally! A restaurant has opened in Bloomington that I can be excited about. Grand Szechuan has replaced the mediocre Asian Buffet (honestly, who thought up that name) at the Valley West shopping center on the northwest corner of France and Old Shakopee.

Rumour has it that the head chef of Little Szechuan in St. Paul recently walked out, taking the kitchen staff with him. Chef Luo has opened up Grand Szechuan in the unlikely location of West Bloomington. We couldn’t be more excited.

I stopped on the way home last night and picked up some takeout. I stuck to the Chinese section of the menu.  Here’s what I ordered:

dan dan noodles by you.Szechuan Dan Dan Noodles 

Double Cooked Pork

 chili tofu by you.Szechuan Chili Tofu

chili chicken by you.Chung King Chili Chicken

Everything was delicious, but the favorite was the Double Cooked Pork.  Thin slices of pork belly sauteed with peppers, green onion and black beans.  The guys taking my order seemed excited that I actually wanted to order pork belly.

Are you getting hungry?  I’ve attached a pdf of their menu.  There are so many things we want to try.  Is it too soon to go back?

3 responses to “Grand Szechuan!”

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  2. Thanks for posting this, I’ve been curious about this place since the sign went up. I work just up the street and find myself driving further and further away to find lunch options. Looks a bit too expensive to be a regular lunch spot, but I’ll give it a try soon.

  3. no wonder the last time I went to little szechuan it kinda sucked.

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