Pucker up for Rhubarb Ice Cream

I’m learning that if I throw enough sugar, cream and butter at something, I’ll eat anything. That seems to be what happens to my CSA produce. And I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with that. To quote Alton Brown: “I’m not saying it’s the best thing in the world for you, I’m just saying it’s the best thing in the world.”

This is what was in the box for this round:

Green Garlic
Green Onion
Salad Mix
Spring Radish (red this time)
Pea Vine
Hon Tsai Tai

Of course the parsnips and the sunchokes were left behind. I was met at the door of the drop site by a little toddler gnawing on a stem of rhubarb. What a little doll-baby. I get a kick out of how babies LOVE sour things. I’m wondering who discovered that rhubarb is not only edible but can be delicious. Have you ever tasted it raw? You’ll think you’ve been poisoned, it’s that SOUR! And I’m someone who can drink lemon juice straight-up. Every year I think, oh it can’t be as bad as I remember, I take a little nibble, and pow. That’ll pucker up your kisser.

I saw last week that someone made ice cream so I decided that sounded good. I supplemented what I received from the CSA with some from my small patch in the backyard. I used the recipe from Sugarlaws, which is accompanied by a funny little story about a guy hitting on her in the grocery story by showing interest in her rhubarb. 

rhubarb ice cream w/strawberries by you.

The ice cream is super easy to make and tart, in a good way. I can’t decide if I liked it better with strawberries on top or melted marshmallow cream. I can’t believe I didn’t try it with both at the same time! My brain must have been frozen. That would be the way to go. Anyway, it’s a really refreshing ice cream.

Now that I’d polished off the fruit, which is always my favorite part of a CSA box, it’s on to the green stuff.

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