Homemade Laksa + Satay-2-Go

DSCN2418 by you.

I found a quick and easy recipe for shrimp and mushroom laksa at mediterrasian.com. I didn’t have mushrooms in the fridge, but I did have a pound of halibut, which I cut into cubes and added with the shrimp. As is, this recipe isn’t too spicy. You could certainly serve it with some sriacha on the side and ratchet up the heat! On this day I was just looking for comfort food.

I know the cilantro adds a needed color contrast, but as I detest cilantro, that will have to wait until summer when I can sprinkle on some holy basil or parsley from the garden.

Don’t fear the fish sauce. Just don’t stick your nose in the bottle for a big whiff. The laksa wouldn’t taste the same without it.

And if you REALLY don’t want to make it, you can’t go wrong at Satay-2-Go in Apple Valley. Their laksa (and everything else) is fabulous and you can get a bbq bun to go with it! It’s like a little corner in a Singapore hawker’s center.

One response to “Homemade Laksa + Satay-2-Go”

  1. That’s right – no cilantro! You are the first other blogger that I have seen to link to I Hate Cilantro. I love that site. Cilantro really is gross and would have ruined your otherwise delicious sounding dish.

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