Pressure Cooking Adventures with Beef Brisket: Texas Dip

I took a beef brisket out to make in the pressure cooker for dinner last night.  I’m not a fan of the sweet and sour types of preparations so I had decided to prepare it with a horseradish sauce.  Then my son came through the kitchen, perked up, and asked if we were having BBQ sandwiches for dinner.  I thought for a second and and knew that would work great.  My son volunteered to go to the butcher shop down the street to buy some of their really fresh, soft hamburger buns and a pint of potato salad.

I rubbed the brisket all over with Butch’s dry rub. I put a cup of water in the pressure cooker (so I wouldn’t pour it over the brisket and wash all of the rub off), put in the brisket (fat side up), and poured a can of diced tomatoes on top of the meat.    I lidded up, brought it to pressure and cooked it for about an hour and let the pressure release naturally.  When I checked, it was still a little tough in the center area so I brought it up to pressure and cooked for about 5 more minutes, and then quick-released the pressure under running water.

Oooh, brisket bliss.  It was fall-apart tender.  I sliced it across the grain, but some of it just fell apart.  A very good sign!  Then I ladled juices from the pot over the sliced meat and let that soak in, then ladled some more.  The meat just soaked it up.  I put the rest of the juices through my gravy separator, strained out the tomatoes (although they could be left in too), and served it on the side as au jus along with my son’s collection of BBQ sauces.

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